We have seen in several articles what is a hacker and what are his motives, so we will explain today the steps to follow to become a hacker.

The problem is that the word hacker is also associated with hackers and other malicious people. We will focus on the hacker White Hat / ethics in this article.

What studies do you have to become a hacker?

Starting with the question “do we have to study?” We immediately realize that many known hackers have dropped out of school without any degree.

Note that Bill Gates , Steve Jobs , Mark Zuckerberg among others have all left the university without going to the end .become a hacker

Only, some will say that they are exceptions, it may be the case, but it shows that the quality of a hacker can be proved by something other than the diploma and that there is so no need to study. Indeed, a hacker learns a lot “on the job”, self-taught. And by this opportunity, I take this opportunity to reassure people who have not done or want to study computer security through certified ethical hacker courses: certifications and training exist (see the end of the article)!

Being a hacker is not a job, it’s a qualification you can receive or give yourself.

Instead, we use the terms “IT Security Officer”, “Security Consultant”, or “System Administrator and Security” when we talk about the professions closest to the ethical hacker’s state of mind. A programmer is often also called a hacker following what he does.

An ethical hacker who looks for loopholes in corporate systems to secure them usually holds an engineering degree, and of course many great hackers are also graduates. For those who are interested in such a course, you can take a look at the CDAISI pro license which is very IT-aware, although other licenses / dut / bts are just as compatible with the IT security by getting certified ethical hacker courses.

That said, “looking for flaws” must absolutely be done with all the necessary permissions received upstream. It’s simple, if you did not have written permission beforehand, you’re not a hacker, but a hacker who is very risky. Let it be clear.

Where to start?

The state of mind is not enough, you must also have the required skills. Some would say that you have to start learning HTML. I find it rather useless. You have to learn to program, but the original language changes little. The hacker learns a lot by himself on the job as soon as he needs to know something. Being passionate, there will be no learning problem.

That said, the most normal and easy method of learning to become a hacker and take all aspects of hacking one by one.

We begin by understanding the ethics of a hacker, concepts and definitions.

Then we try to understand the flaws by categories, web flaws, software, systems, human … etc in order to know how to protect ourselves and patch them on our own systems and websites.

This is exactly the operating principle of the guide The Basics of Computer Security. Hackers generally use open source distributions and programs, help users and write articles to better protect themselves, talk about flaws, and more.

A hacker knows how to use Google, so he knows how to find information, although comprehensive training can greatly facilitate his task.

How to train?

There are games, platforms and other websites that allow you to train legally. Many challenges are available on the Internet, and even on this site, which gives an overview of its own capabilities.