The commitment of 700+ million Instagramers is 10x bigger on Instagram than on Facebook, 54x bigger than on Pinterest and 84x bigger than Twitter ( source ).

This year, 70.7% of US companies will use Instagram (como conseguir seguidores en instagram) for marketing, surpassing Twitter for the first time.

While some will put Instagram at the heart of their marketing strategy, to increase their brand awareness, improve the engagement of their audience towards their brand, get more traffic on their website or recruit more easily candidates, others are going to have an account just for the link to their website (SEO!), without necessarily being active.

In this article, I detail the steps that will allow you to have more followers on Instagram (como conseguir seguidores en instagram), and this, absolutely free.

Note that you must have a professional profile for your business. The following steps may also apply to your personal profile, provided it is not private.

1. Have an attractive profile

The first thing to do on your Instagram account (como conseguir seguidores en instagram) is to pimp your profile. Your nickname, your name, your photo and your description, everything starts here.

First, write a good description that describes who you (or your company) are. Why should people follow you? Who are you? What are you going to bring them? Your description should reflect the content you publish. Do not hesitate to add one or two emojis!

No need to break your head. Check out the description of The Trench, it’s nothing complicated. But, people know what to expect and what kind of photos we will publish on this account.

Basically, give people a good reason to follow you.

Another thing, your profile picture. Do not neglect it. If your name and / or slogan is not legible in the small circle, put something else.

Finally, you note that for our link to the website, we put a Bitly link. Why not Because the Bitly link allows us to know the number of clicks from Instagram.

Know that this is the only place on Instagram (como conseguir seguidores en instagram) where you will be able to put a clickable link, so choose it!

You can promote your Instagram account on your website, in your email signature, in your promotional material, etc.

2. Publish beautiful photos

The only thing you can post on Instagram is photos. So your photos must be amazing or stand out to get attention.

You can start by inspiring yourself with a search for hashtags to see what others are doing in your field.

For a visual that flash

You can simply use graphic elements of your website or social media to keep your own style. You want there to be a uniformity between all the elements that you publish.

If you want to go a little further, you can also use the same filter on all your photos, so that the whole is flashy. You can also decide to create a motif for example by alternating photo and quotes. It takes discipline, but the result is surprising. To create a photo of this kind, a montage with a quote, you can use . It’s free and really easy to use. To edit your photos directly on your phone, I suggest the Afterlight app that works miracles in no time!

Long or short description on Instagram?

The long descriptions under the photos are to be preferred. Why? Because everyone is already putting beautiful pictures.

If you want to stand out, you have to add textual content to your image. You can write up to 2200 characters. Instagram (como conseguir seguidores en instagram) will only show the first 3-4 lines in the news feed to your subscribers. So, you have to manage to capture your audience in the first 3 lines.

Instagram does not allow line breaks, for some reason. And it can come heavy a text of 2200 characters without paragraphs.

The easy way around this is to write your text in the Notes app on iPhone (or equivalent) and copy and paste this text into Instagram.

Last point, your description should always end with a call-to-action , for example participate in a contest, identify a friend, share, visit your website, etc.

Perfect Instagram post for as many likes and comments

3 other elements that are important, in addition to your image and your description:

  • Place
  • identifications
  • hashtags

Why add the place and identify people?

Because you will get more visibility due to the fact that the photos “stay” in this rental. For example, above I indicated that the picture of my cat Mitaine and me (disguised as Mitt) was taken in Saint-Ferréol. If I search the city of Saint-Ferréol on Instagram, I can see all the photos that were taken there.

Instagram will offer you various rentals depending on where you are. The idea is to select a popular rental to get maximum visibility.

You are also suggested to identify people. Of course the people with whom you are on the picture, but also popular accounts related to your publication.