“Avengers” and “Iron Man 3” are the two biggest superhero movies of the past year, and the difference may be “the rise of the Dark Knight.” However, “The Rise of the Dark Knight” is a DC attribute involving Batman, while the other two are Marvel-based games, which are widely praised and recognized by fans. Although “Iron Man 3” and the “Avengers” have similarities, the film is different in many ways. One should remember that all the miracle movies, except the “Spider-Man” franchise and the “X-Men”, exist in the same shared universe, so the story takes place in each other.

The Avengers is an ensemble film that combines distinct heroes in the same story. Thor and Hammer of Thor, the extra dimension and the god of Asgardian Nordic God, a super warrior thawed World War II, a genius, a multi-millionaire philanthropist Playboy and a dark-faced scientist should put their skills and different backgrounds. It works and creates a consistent plot, but viewers who are familiar with the source material can’t get the fun of change. On the other hand, “I.M. 3” has a single continuity feature, all of which have relatively similar funds. Therefore, there is no need to change the role too much to make the story work.

The Avengers Alliance is more mobile than Iron Man 3. Although the “Avengers” proposed the development of the role, “Iron Man 3” showed more role-based drama. It turns out that since the “Iron Man 2”, Tony Stark began to establish a relationship with his secretary Pepper Potts. Tony teaches him how to better defend himself, and he obviously cares about her very much, of course, more than any other role in the Avengers.

In the “Avengers”, Tony Stark is almost invincible Iron Man costume, can cope with the group of Chitari. Thus, the invention of the “One Millimeter 3” writer forced Tony to take action and strike because he did not have more in his armor, giving him the opportunity to demonstrate its function in this regard. He has been trained in martial arts, learning the skills of running freely, and making gadgets in armor.

No superhero movies can work without bad guys. The “Avengers” is mainly Loki, who works with an alien race called Chitauri. Aliens look more like motorcyclists than any other alien band, they serve Raytheon, ample shielding and feed arrows. On the other hand, Loki seems to be more crazy and threatening than when he made his debut in “The Mighty Thor.” with Hammer of Thor His fall in space and his encounter with aliens may have accelerated his crazy decline. “Iron Man 3” presents the famous symbol of Mandarin Iron Man. On the contrary, a mysterious agent, this version of Mandarin was once a CEO, like Tony Stark, went crazy, more than he developed the formula of Extremis. For genetic engineering reasons, Mandarin no longer has a clear supernatural power or alien power like Loki, but has its power, including healing and breathing. He also has good martial arts training.

The version of Tony Stark’s “Iron Man 3” and “The Avengers” is slightly different. In the “Avengers”, Tony Stark is more frivolous and ironic, especially when it comes to Captain America. However, Cape idealism and her heroic attitude began to influence Tony. At the end of the “Avengers”, Tony had an experience of the death of Iron Man clothing. “IM 3” occurred after the “Avengers”, and Tony Stark suffered from nightmares and other symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Because of his upcoming death experience. He is particularly serious in “Iron Man 3” and tries to better consider his colleagues and friends. “I.M. 3” also saw the end of Tony Stark in Iron Man’s career. He destroyed all his armor and underwent surgery to remove it from the chest. In the “Avengers”, Tony sees the threat to the world as a job, and in the third film “Iron Man”, he is more personal. A few years ago, Mandarin directly solved Tony Stark’s rejection of his ideas and disfigured him. He eventually put some of Tony’s subordinates in a coma and destroyed his house.

In general, both films are similar films and share the ultimate goal of bringing a superhero story to the big screen. However, when the first story has a completely different role, the second story is more uniform. “Iron Man 3” has a faster pace, but pays more attention to the development of characters. However, the “Avengers Alliance” shows the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, especially in the interaction between Captain America and Thor with Hammer of Thor and Iron Man. Finally, Marvel fans will appreciate the two movies.