In my opinion, it is a waste of money for everyone to get enough nutrients and healthy nutritional supplements (patriot power greens) in their diet. After years of competitive sports, I believe that women’s and men’s health products are reserved for athletes or bodybuilders. I’m wrong! The health benefits of supplements apply to everyone and anyone who lives a busy and stressful life. Physically active or inactive, healthy or unhealthy, we all benefit from nutritional supplements consisting of herbal or natural vitamin supplements. I learned it through my personal experience.

I don’t realize that many people find it difficult to achieve good nutrition. A healthy lifestyle is difficult when most people do not get enough nutrients in their diet. For example, many people are unable to get daily recommended fruits and vegetables every day. If we want total nutrition, forgetting nutritional supplements (patriot power greens) is no longer an option. Unfortunately, when considering all the factors that work, the problem is bigger than I thought;

Many fresh foods no longer meet their optimal nutritional potential. In many cases, they grow in soil that has been overgrown and harvested before harvest so that they do not mature when shipped to the market.

Vitamins and minerals may be lost during storage, preparation and cooking.

For many people who don’t need to start buying and preparing meals from scratch, it is common to buy and consume less processed foods.

During our busy week of cooking, our dietary changes were not enough to provide a variety of nutrients.

We cannot change our diet when we need it. As we age, we need different nutritional supplements because we digest and absorb different vitamins and minerals.

Some nutrients are difficult to obtain. For example, essential fatty acids (EFA) are available in salmon oil capsules.

In general, there is a lack of education about nutritional supplements (patriot power greens), healthy food choices and cooking.

In my special case, my wife is more at risk. Although we eat healthy meals, we don’t know the health benefits of supplements. Unfortunately, we also faced a lot of pressure at the time. Stress plays an important role in the nutrients you use and absorb, and there is also a “knot in your stomach” that suppresses your appetite. Many women need more herbal supplements or natural vitamin supplements because they consume less calories than men.

As a result, this leads to higher levels of stress and fatigue. Low, she is prone to illness and mood swings. Then, hair loss, poor skin tone and digestive problems were observed. This is a vicious circle that leads to more stress and fatigue. We take this extreme situation to understand the need for general health supplements. The necessary solution to meet your daily nutritional needs is nutritional supplements, whether it is a women’s health supplement or a multivitamin, herbal supplement or natural vitamin supplement. The benefits are obvious.


  • Improve energy
  • Reduce the frequency of mood swings
  • Not easy to fatigue and depression
  • More resistant to stress and disease.


Generally speaking, the body is healthier because we feel better both mentally and physically.

In view of my wife’s fatigue and illness, we waited too long and she needed a dietitian. In addition to joining the gym (which helps her appetite), my wife is advised to take the necessary supplements for the woman’s health.


  • Salmon oil capsules because of the benefits of Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Good general health, improve brain function and even reduce the symptoms of PMS. It has also been proven to contribute to anger, depression and stress.
  • Digestive health supplements; our nutritional needs will change as we age and into different stages of life. Digestive supplements may be necessary because our ability to digest certain foods varies with age. Some vitamins and minerals can be consumed quickly, and other vitamins and minerals may not be easily absorbed by the body. With age, lactose and gluten (found in wheat products) may be more difficult to treat for our body.
  • Multivitamins or specific multi-nutrient ingredients to promote general health, taking into account the specific needs of women.

All of these nutritional supplements are easy to find and can even be found online, suitable for your busy schedule.