For companies with SEO needs, it is important to realize that affordable SEO agency are specialized service providers. They do not hire a full-service provider who is responsible for the entire online success of a business. Therefore, the following questions should be clarified before the cheap seo services provider search:

  1. How important are better rankings and more visitors really? Are there any other adjusting screws?
  2. What weight should SEO take in competition with other marketing measures of the company?
  3. What can I depict in-house (myself), what do I need a service provider for?
  4. Should the search engine optimization be interlocked with other measures?

A large online store will probably answer these questions as follows:

  1. “SEO is my lifeblood.”
  2. “In addition to Google Adwords, SEO is the most promising way to reach new customers.”
  3. “An in-house SEO team is either too expensive or the place in the company that coordinates with the SEO agency.”
  4. “Yes, that’s why we hire several specialized cheap seo services

Online shops and other e-commerce companies are therefore the core target group for SEO agencies. They constantly need to optimize, rely on more and more visitors from Google and are in a fierce competition. The prices for such SEO services logically start at four-digit monthly contributions and are open at the top.

If SEO is too expensive

Regardless of the available budget, companies should ask themselves if SEO is economically viable on bending and breaking in their case. It may be that SEO with good work and long breath can increase sales. But depending on how high the competition is, this can cost more than rankings and Google traffic at the end of the box.

If, for example, a medium-sized textile cleaning company faces annual SEO costs of around 40,000 euros, decision-makers should consider whether the money is better spent in other channels or at least in a marketing mix.

For example, the return on investment can often be better controlled through advertisements such as AdWords or Facebook ads , because results are much more visible than in SEO. If, on the other hand, the order value is correct and is likely to justify the investment; Just go ahead!

The most important learning here is: “To be found at Google” is not the magic recipe for any business. SEO has to fit in with the overall strategy and a lot of work should take a close look at companies. If the investment is correct compared to the sales potential, SEO can not be too expensive.

For small budgets: build in-house SEO and refine with experts

Those who respond more hesitantly to the four questions should consider the following: Does not it perhaps make more sense to define a position in the company that selectively coordinates with an SEO specialist and otherwise takes care of the optimization itself?

This reduces the risk of unnecessary expenses. You can react faster and you do not have to pay flat-rate costs, which may turn out to be a bad investment after three to four months.

You Pay What You Save for it

Many agencies also offer one-time benefits, workshops or hourly counseling. Who wants to have SEO, without turning to the very big cost screwdrivers with this variant usually better. Instead, selecting a cheap seo services provider only on the criterion of cost savings is not an alternative.

Cheap offers that promise quick success may seem appealing. Anyone who falls for it, but pays the bill afterwards – because the performance is not right or even harmful. If you want to buy SEO as cheaply as possible, either the success remains the same, or you get to dubious providers. They often use techniques that are more business-threatening rather than sustainable.

Anyone who lives from SEO success and can not solve everything in-house is in good hands with a specialist cheap seo services provider. Monthly contributions of € 1,000 are in most cases the lower limit. If you have a little less budget or do not care so much about top rankings and huge jumps in traffic, you will be well advised to work on an hourly or one-off basis. Calculated over a whole year, the costs are fast but also four digits.