In this article, I will show you how to easily find inevitable activity reports that the company does not want to see. These have recently been removed from the internet. This is the first part of a series of articles on how to find valuable product information before buying.

Commercial information advertising is known for promoting products that appeal to all of us. Within a few minutes, the broadcast time TV shopping show tried everything imaginable and made us impulsive. They try to influence people by making very attractive statements about the products, and they always come up with an agreement that we can’t resist. Once, most of us are at least considering buying these products. The question is: Are they really effective and in line with what commercials say?

Some of us are always curious, please consult the internet and try to investigate these products. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a fair comment on advertising products. Websites (Review website) and blogs quickly dispel the perception of advertising products, especially if they are mostly negative. Law companies’ harassment, litigation, trademark counterfeiting and trademark shackles prevent webmasters from maintaining business journals on their websites, especially if they are negative. These claims show little or no legal basis. Small webmasters simply don’t have the legal funds to protect themselves, and one company after another continues to create legal threats. Many commercial information companies filed real lawsuits and withdrew after the webmaster removed the negative content. This “intimidation” strategy is very effective.

The “InfomercialScams” and “InfomercialRatings” websites are (Review website) two successful cases of “harassment”. Both sites are owned by the same individual and are dedicated to unbiased business magazines. These sites allow the public to post comments on any advertising product. The two websites have been in operation since 2002. Over the years, they have compiled interesting comments from many consumers who buy commercial information products. These two websites have become very popular over the years and have become the leader in objective evaluation of advertising products. Unfortunately, due to the above legal exercises, both sites have recently been closed.

What many people don’t know is that although the two websites mentioned are closed, there are still many consumer opinions available! There are Internet file cabinets that track the Internet and archive the content of each website (Review website). After the site is closed or changed ownership, the content is free for everyone to use. These workbooks create a time machine for most websites on the Internet. People can see these files and go back to the past to see if sites like eBay or Yahoo are starting up.